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20+ in depth video sessions and downloadable resources


Getting to know all of the social networks and how they work. 


Choosing the right technologies to effectively manage and monitor your kids online.


A guide to developing a social media plan for your family. 


The ability to ask questions and learn about social media alongside other parents. 

This course will help you as a parent in the following ways:

✔  Understand the state of social media and the various platforms

✔  Learn how children and teenagers most commonly engage on each of these platforms

✔  Practical application in creating your own social media accounts and how to interact with your child online

✔  Social Media family planning guide to create ongoing understanding and expectations of your child online

✔  Knowledge of the essential tools needed to effectively monitor your child online


20 Video Coaching Sessions

Social Media Content

Content Calendar

Response Sheets

About the Instructor

Nils Smith

Nils is a consultant, author, speaker, podcaster and more. Nils grew up in Texas graduating from Texas State University with a Business Management degree and later completed his Masters in Ministry Leadership from Rockbridge Seminary. 

Nils spent almost 10 years in full time youth ministry before launching his social media agency, Amplify Social Media. Today Nils serves organizations and ministries all over the world around social media and various online initiatives. He is author of 3 books: Social Media Guide for Ministry, Crypto for Good and The Social Media Guide. 

Nils has had the privilege of speaking at conference and events across the country and around the world in Australia, India, Israel, Jordan and more. 

Nils and his wife Katie of 15 years live in New York City and they have 2 daughters, Emery and Shelby.

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If for any reason after going through the course and you do not believe the course will help you better manage social media in your home, simply request a refund and we will immediately refund you with no questions asked. 

Frequently Asked Questions

This course will be interactive with comment threads in every session to ask your questions and learn collectively. Nils will be personally responding to every question asked. 

Until the end of the Internet. There are no plans to take down the course or remove access at any point. In fact, the plan is to regularly refresh this course as social media is continually changing and you will have lifetime access to all future updates to the course. 

I'm glad you asked! It's the Houston Astros. Okay, they might have cheated recently, but I'm a lifelong Astros fan and will always be.

I'm also a big fan Houston Texans and San Antonio Spurs fan. I love sports and would love a good social media convo about sports as well!

Let's Do This!

For years I've been helping organizations use social media to accomplish their goals. It's been an incredible tool for these organizations, but there is also another side to these platforms. As my kids continue to get older, I have had to look at social media from a different perspective and approach social media in my home from a much different perspective. Out of some of those learnings, I have been recently asked to speak at several conferences and after overwhelming positive feedback from these sessions, I decided to build this course to help even more parents. I can't wait for you to experience it and I can't wait to get to know you as we journey through these unique parenting days together! See you on the other side!

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