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The Social Media Church Podcast is a place for conversations with ministry leaders about social media. Our conversations are designed to give you practical insights into how ministries are using social media to be more effective in their ministry and how you can implement these concepts into your ministry.

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Coming to New York City

Nils and Katie Smith give you insights into the things they have learned when traveling to New York City as well as sharing their experience raising a family in the city. Whether you’re visiting New York City for the first time or have dreams of moving here, the Coming to New York City Podcast is the go to place for you.

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The Cause + Effect

Tired of doing things the same. way. every. year? The Dunham Podcast is a fresh voice that breaks down the latest fundraising trends, leadership lessons and the ups and downs of the nonprofit industry. Our host Trent Dunham talks to a variety of guests with effective strategies and stories that inspire us. The goal? Increased effectiveness for more impact.

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The Ball and Blockchain

All things blockchain – that's what this podcast is going to be! Join Nils and Justin in this journey of discovery and exploring the world of blockchain and everything in between. They will share their thoughts about the future of technology and how blockchain is the next big thing as the internet is slowly shifting in the digital realm.

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