An Open Letter to Rhett and Link

Uncategorized Feb 28, 2020

Rhett and Link,

Let me first start this letter by being transparent that I have an agenda. I have become a big fan and would like to have you on my podcast: Social Media Church. Let me also be clear that my agenda in having you on the podcast is because I think your perspective would be very valuable for pastors and ministry leaders to hear and not to try and debate faith. 

Your recent podcast episodes have stirred a lot of conversations in our house as my wife and I can deeply relate to your story. We were both very involved in Campus Crusade (CRU) in college and I worked for many years in full-time ministry. About 6 years ago we moved from Texas to New York City which has led to us seeing the world very differently than we did while surrounded by Christians 24/7 in the South. 

While our core beliefs haven’t shifted significantly, our perspective and understanding surely has. I applaud and appreciate both of you being so willing to transparently share your story and sharing the current state of your faith journey. It’s complicated and likely the story of many, but not a story that Christians want to hear as we naturally would rather focus on those converting to Christianity rather than transitioning away from it. 

Faith conversations are deeply personal and leave us quite vulnerable. They’re also incredibly important and I believe helpful for everyone whether you agree or disagree where someone landed in their journey. So, I want to say Thank You. 

Thank You for sharing so transparently and vulnerably. It was beneficial for me to hear and understand. 

Thank You for the hard work you both put in daily for years to entertain so many of us. 

While this might have caused you to lose a few fans, it brought many of us much closer to you in our depth of connection. 

So, here’s my ask:

Would either or both of you be willing to come on my podcast, Social Media Church? We have conversations about social media for church leaders sharing insights and learnings to help churches be more effective on social media. I think your stories would help church leaders practically in how you have leveraged social media through the years as well as how you have leaned into authenticity to build deep and meaning relationships with your audience. 

If I’m completely honest, I’m using the podcast as an excuse to meet you guys (like I said, my wife and I are fans). So, I would selfishly love to just meet you guys and simultaneously share that conversation with others in the process. We do most of our interviews via Zoom video conference in around 30 minutes to an hour. So, are you in?

If you are willing I would love for you to send me an email at nils{at} Whether I hear from you or not, I will continue to be connected as a fan watching and listening regularly! Thank you again and I sure hope to hear back from you!

Your fan, 


Church Leaders: If you’re not familiar with Rhett and Link, check them out here or here. To better understand the context of this letter listen to the 3 podcasts below:

Episode 225: Our Years as Missionaries

Episode 226: Rhett’s Spiritual Deconstruction

Episode 227: Link’s Spiritual Deconstruction

Know that these podcasts will likely challenge you and probably be painful for you to hear. I also think they are important for you to hear and process.


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