Top 5 Crypto Channels on YouTube

There are thousands of crypto videos on YouTube alone and the numbers keep going up as creators tend to add higher quality content on their channels. 

But when it comes to cryptocurrency, I’ve narrowed it down for you!

One of the most common questions I get around cryptocurrency is, “Where am I learning about cryptocurrency? How do I find all this stuff out?” And the answer is YouTube. It is where I learned the most about cryptocurrency. 

I want to share with you the five top channels that I watch on YouTube to learn about crypto and that I think would be an asset to you if you're interested in learning about cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, and NFTS.

You're going to be hearing more and more about NFTS in the near future if you haven't yet heard but these are my top five recommendations when it comes to learning about crypto here on YouTube.



My number one place for learning about everything digitally related is GaryVee. If you're...

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Roblox Education for Adults with Emery

digital family technology Jul 08, 2021

As the internet and social media continue to develop, it’s a must for parents to keep up with what’s trending and navigate the digital landscape well with their kids. 

Have you heard of this gaming platform called Roblox? If not, let me help you with that. Better yet, let my daughter help you with that...

In this vlog episode, I am joined by my daughter, Emery, to give us an overview of what this platform looks like and how it works. 

If you’re curious and wondering if it’s okay to let your kids play Roblox, watch this. I’d love to hear your opinions in the comments as well! 

P.S. I’ve got a gift for the parents out there! Here’s a FREE training I specially created to help parents navigate social media with their kids. This training includes the Top 5 Mistakes Parents Make on Social Media.  


Got other social media questions? Text me, I'd love to help: (646) 768-9491


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Echo Accessories Review

digital technology Jun 11, 2021

Let’s talk about Alexa! 

GGMM (thank you) sent me some new toys! Join me in this vlog episode as we unbox and review these Echo accessories together.


Got a question about this product? Or even social media questions...text me, I'd love to help: (646) 768-9491


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GGMM Website

Battery Base for Amazon Echo 4th Gen Alexa Speaker

GGMM 3rd Generation Dot Battery Base Speaker

ProudBird 4th Generation Wall Mount Shelf Holder Stand for Amazon Echo Alexa Speaker


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My Take On The Social Dilemma

digital life social media Jun 03, 2021

As social media platforms strive to keep our attention more and more, we need to set healthy boundaries when it comes to our social media engagement. 

Have you watched The Social Dilemma on Netflix? I get that question a lot, and you've probably gotten that question. If you haven't yet watched it, I encourage you to go watch The Social Dilemma on Netflix. It's a fascinating documentary/horror film. I’m gonna talk about it, share my thoughts and what my takeaways are, and what we all need to understand after watching that. 

Netflix came out with the documentary Social Dilemma, and it was fascinating. What was fascinating to me is how many people have come to me and said, did you know that social media companies function like this, or do you think it really happens like they were trying to suck us in? And the reality is they're in the business of attention, just like TV and radio historically have tried to keep our attention as long as possible so they can sell more...

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Is Clubhouse the Next Big Thing on Social Media?

Is Clubhouse the next big thing in social media? We don't know. I don't know. It probably is going to be a big deal. It's already caught a lot of momentum at this point, early 2021. But we don't know where this is going. I'm going to share my thoughts of what Clubhouse is, why it's important and what you should do as to whether you should dive in now or wait till later.


What is Clubhouse?

Let's talk about Clubhouse. Clubhouse came onto the scene here recently, and I got an invite early on. I started jumping in and playing around and there are some really cool things. It's basically an audio-based social network but it's only on iOS. That's the first flag to me because it's only available to Apple users. (Caving in To My Apple Addiction was probably a good thing) There's a very limited audience for it. But the thing that is really interesting is their launch strategy. They’ve created exclusivity. And so you can only get in if you get an invite. I get so many messages...

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Is It Time to Abandon Twitter?

I saw a stat the other day that said less than 1% of your Twitter followers are seeing your tweets. And I started looking at my Twitter engagement and that was close to accurate. And so is it time in 2021 to just abandon Twitter?

Hey there. I'm Nils Smith, your social media guide. And today we're talking about Twitter and whether it's time to bail on Twitter in 2021. And let's see. Let's talk about it. Let's talk about the reasons why you should bail and the reasons why you should stay.


Time Investment

And I'll tell you one reason why you shouldn't bail or stay. I should better stay because you've invested a lot of time. Because you've invested a lot of time, doesn't mean you should just keep investing time. If there's not a good return on investment of your time, your time is your most valuable asset and you cannot waste your time. So if Twitter is not the right social network for you, you shouldn’t keep doing it. MySpace, people invested a lot of time and I invested...

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3 Keys to Growing a Successful Podcast in 2021

digital resources Apr 08, 2021


Podcasting is such a massive and growing trend. I have been a podcaster for about six years now and learned a ton, made a lot of mistakes. I want to help you avoid some of the mistakes I learned and continue to learn a lot as I now manage close to a dozen podcasts. And there are some real key practical lessons that I think you can learn that are going to help you on top of the 7 Steps to Launching Your Podcast and building your podcast audience.


Create Great Content


Now, the first thing, it's pretty simple. It's to create great content. At the end of the day, great content wins. It doesn't matter how much you promote your podcast if it's not good. It doesn't matter how great your podcast art is and how creative it is, and eye-catching it is if your podcast isn't good, because once they listen, they're going to stop listening. So you've got to start with great content. This sounds like a no-brainer and like, you know, great content.


Make Sure Your Content...
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Soliom S600 Solar Powered Security Camera Product Review

digital technology Dec 17, 2020

In one of my recent episodes, I talked about one of the changes in the new New York City which is the affordability of space. Now that I’ve officially moved into my new office space, one of the must-haves before fully settling in was a security camera. 

I was able to get a hold of a solar-powered camera, S600 from Soliom. In this episode, I walk you through the setup along with the pros and cons and if the camera delivers what it promises.

Any users of Soliom’s other products here? Share your thoughts in the comments section. 

If you’re interested in purchasing a S600 Home Security Camera Outdoor Pan Tilt Spotlight Solar Battery, you can save 36% off your purchase using this special code: SOLIOM36.


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You can also...

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Should You Abandon Apple Like I Did?

In my previous vlogs, I’ve shared with you my year-long journey on breaking my Apple addiction and moving away from the Apple ecosystem – replacing my AirPods with Amazon’s Echo Buds, my iPhone with Google Pixel, my Macbook with Chromebook, and my iWatch with Wyze. As I look back, was it worth it? Do I recommend that you do the same? Watch this.


#Apple #AppleEcosystem


Check out my previous vlogs on leaving the Apple ecosystem:

Breaking My Apple Addiction

Leaving Apple AirPods for Amazon’s Echo Buds

Leaving Apple Update

Switching from an iPhone to a Pixel

How Well Did the Wyze Watch Replace My Apple Watch


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How Well Did the Wyze Watch Replace My Apple Watch?

As I slowly move away from the Apple ecosystem, I continue looking for more alternatives to the Apple products I’m using. In this episode of the vlog, I’m sharing about the $25 Wyze Watch I recently bought in replacement of my Apple iWatch, plus Wyze’s functions and features. 

Are there any Wyze products you’ve used? Tell me about them!

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