What Leaders Can Learn from Kajabi

If you’re a digital creator looking into marketing your products, Kajabi is definitely the platform for you!

As an entrepreneur they’ve been one of the most inspiring companies to watch grow and learn from along the way. 

As an OG “Kajabi Hero,” I am ecstatic to share what I have learned from the amazing team behind Kajabi. Their products, services, and how they approach their customers and clients are, by far, what makes them the best platform for creators like us.

Want to learn more about Kajabi? Go to https://app.kajabi.com/r/2r4NUL62

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A Conversation with NYC Mayoral Candidate Aaron Foldenauer

leadership Jan 28, 2021

There’s really nothing like NYC. It’s time to bring the city back to normal.” -Aaron Foldenauer

A lot has changed in New York City over the course of this pandemic. Now that the race for NYC Mayor is heating up, we are all looking forward to what lies ahead for our city.

Join me in this conversation with Mayoral Candidate Aaron Foldenauer, and get to know his vision for the city, people, and our children. 


#podcast #NYCMayor #NYCmayoralelections #NYCmayoralcandidate 

Show Notes:

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Aaron Foldenauer

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/aaronfoldenauer/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/aaronfoldenauer

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AaronForNYC/ 

Linkedin: ...

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How Leaders Should Navigate Politics on Social Media

Politics can get sticky. While we are now in a political season in the US, politics is also something many leaders struggle navigating with. In this episode of the vlog, I’m sharing with you the common mistakes leaders make and the important lessons I’ve learned when it comes to politics on social media.

Do you have some tips to share, too? Comment them below!

#SocialMediaGuide #Politics #PoliticalSeason

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5 Traits of Successful Leaders on Social Media

leadership social media Mar 04, 2020

There is no single formula that determines success on social media, but one thing I’ve learned in working with a lot of social media leaders over the years is that they share common traits that allow them to thrive in this ever-changing digital landscape. I talk about these traits and get into detail about how you too can challenge yourself to apply them. Click the link below to watch this week’s video. 

Do you have other traits in mind as well? We’d love to know them!

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4 Mobile Apps That Have Changed My Life and What We Can Learn From Them

I love mobile apps! Through the years, it’s incredible how many apps have been created and how much more are constantly being developed to suit our everyday needs. Whether it’s for our personal use, or to help our organizations thrive, there are some key apps that have been more transformative than others that I think we can learn from.

In this video, I’ll be sharing to you my 4 most favorite apps and my takeaway from each of them.


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7 Steps to Launching Your Podcast

Podcasting allows leaders to learn while on the go. You could be driving, working, or even doing the dishes, and still absorb information through listening to podcasts. Podcasting is a massively growing trend and you should jump on it.

Thinking about creating your own podcast? Here are 7 practical steps to launch your podcast and maximize it to increase your influence.


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Leaders are Listeners

In today's video, I am talking about how leaders can grow through listening to podcasts. I am sharing my top 5 podcast recommendations for leaders and shares a few others that I am a part of.


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