Crushing Instagram in 2021

So do you want to crush it on Instagram in 2021? The platform has changed a lot. The growth only continues, but the opportunity is so significant. And so wherever you are in your Instagram game today in 2021, I think you can crush it by doing these things that I'm going to share. 

Alright. So Instagram continues to develop. It's a platform that I've been engaged on for many years as a platform actually prioritized three years ago. Every time I go all-in on one specific platform I see a lot of trends. But what has been consistent on Instagram is that it continues to grow month over month, year over year. And I don't anticipate them slowing down in 2021 or even 2022, because Instagram, owned by Facebook, continues to develop and innovate. How? Honestly, primarily by copying other platforms.

But what they've done in integrating DMs into messenger and copying stories from Snapchat and start copying reels from Tiktok is really, really smart and it continues to make this platform...

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