Metricool vs Sprout Social: Best Social Media Management Platform Showdown

social media tip May 23, 2024

In this video, I’ll be comparing two leading social media management platforms–Sprout Social and Metricool. 

Give Metricool a try for yourself: (affiliate link)

As an owner of a social media agency, I have tested numerous tools over the years. While I find Sprout Social to be very polished and easy to use, its pricing makes it prohibitive for large agencies. I’ll be demonstrating Metricool and highlight why I believe it is the most cost-effective solution on the market. 

Though its interface isn’t as slick as Sprout Social, Metricool provides the necessary features for social media analytics, scheduling, engagement and more–all for a fraction of the price of Sprout Social. 

Get insights on features, pricing, analytics and more to help you decide if Sprout Social or Metricool best fits your social media management needs.

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Marky Review: AI Social Media Content Creator

There’s a new social media automation tool I recently found!

In this episode, I dive into the world of AI-powered social media content creation with Marky. Join me as I analyze Marky’s marketing claims, showcase the platform's user-friendly interface, and demonstrate how effortlessly I created posts for my agency's social media accounts.

Initially skeptical about its engagement potential, I was pleasantly surprised by Marky’s AI capabilities, sleek designs, and seamless integrations. Whether you're looking to generate filler content or spark new ideas, I highly recommend giving Marky a try.

Keep watching to get my full review of this powerful AI tool for automating social media posts!

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How to Easily Create Faceless Videos with AI

What if I told you there’s an AI tool that can create faceless videos? Faceless videos rather than talking head content is one of the fastest growing trends on YouTube. This basically means voice over videos with b-roll/animated content mixed with text overlays.

Let’s explore InVideo, an AI tool that can create entire videos without the need for on-camera appearances. Watch as I demonstrate the process of producing a "How to Mow Your Lawn" video using InVideo, from scripting to selecting footage and up to the final export. 

Learn how tools like InVideo are reshaping video production by automating processes and enabling the development of faceless channels entirely through artificial intelligence. Tune in now and don't miss out on this insightful exploration of the future of video creation!

Test out InVideo for yourself: 

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5 Ways that You Can Enhance Your LinkedIn Profile

I’m excited to share five impactful ways to elevate your LinkedIn profile and boost your professional presence. 

Learn how to showcase your experience and secure valuable recommendations to make your profile stand out in the competitive world of professional networking. 

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It’s time to step up your LinkedIn game!

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Church Technology and What You Should Use

Discover how the right tools and applications can help streamline administrative tasks, create engaging visuals, improve sound quality, and foster a deeper sense of community within your church. From equipment recommendations to software solutions, we’ve got you covered in this video.

Let’s understand the importance of embracing technology while staying true to the core values of your church. Join us on this journey as we equip you with the knowledge and resources to create meaningful and impactful worship experiences.

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3 Things You Can Do to Better Secure Yourself on the Internet

With the increasing prevalence of cyber threats and privacy concerns, it's crucial to prioritize your online security. In this video, Nils Smith discusses the essential steps you can take to better secure your accounts on the internet. By following these 3 tips, you can protect your personal information, safeguard your digital identity, and enjoy a safer online experience.

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Keys to Effectively Outsourcing Social Media

Are you thinking about outsourcing your social media management? In this video I share a few pros and cons before you decide to hand off the keys.

Social media is pretty much an essential for every organization today, and it’s not a question of if you’re going to be on social media but how well you’re going to be on social media. Keeping up with it all can be too much for many or even most organizations and finding the right agency or contractor to help is extremely valuable.

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Crushing LinkedIn in 2023

LinkedIn is now considered the world’s largest professional network on the internet—connecting, interacting, and engaging with people professionally online. With LinkedIn, networking is a lot more seamless and flexible when it comes to searching for job opportunities, profile engagement and interaction, building an online community, and so much more! 

In this video, I’ve formulated four easy steps for you to start your professional journey in LinkedIn this 2023. These helped me become more productive and engaging every time I use the platform and so, I’d love to share these tips with you.

Still got questions in mind? Drop your comments below and I would love to help answer your queries all about LinkedIn.

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It’s Time to Double Down on YouTube in 2023

YouTube is an OG in the social media space. But unlike other platforms that have grown and faded, YouTube continues to only grow with no signs of slowing down! More people are now using the video-sharing network in place of their traditional television-watching behaviors. The average American spends an hour a day on YouTube, making it a huge part of our everyday life! 

YouTube has now become the place where we get education, entertainment, music, and so much more. It is where we are consuming more and more content. All the more reason that you should double down on YouTube in 2023 to stay relevant because the world’s attention will continue to shift to this platform.

So, how can you find success as a creator in 2023? What are the things you need to do? Watch the video to learn more. 

Let me know your thoughts and leave a comment! If you want to dive deeper into this conversation, don’t hesitate to reach me through my socials.

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Why Twitter is Going to Explode in 2023

Twitter has since been one of the social media platforms that people go to for real-time news and just about anything! But now that Elon Musk has taken over Twitter, a lot has been going on in the space. This major news in the digital space has stirred conversations both in and outside the community.

So, what do you think about Elon handling Twitter now? Do you think it is going to explode in 2023? Or more like Twitter’s gonna implode and crash?

Let me know your thoughts and leave a comment! If you want to dive deeper into this conversation, don’t hesitate to reach me through my socials.

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