Top 3 Reasons I Believe Superphone Is the Best Texting Platform

resources Apr 23, 2021


Are you using texting to accomplish your digital marketing goals?

I can't believe it took me so long to jump into texting. We've obviously probably been texting or you've probably been texting for over a decade yet it took me till 2020 to actually start using texting as one of the Keys to Outsourcing Social Media. And I just regret waiting that long. So if you're not into texting, I hope you pay attention to this episode and let's learn a thing or two about texting and how we can use it to accomplish our digital marketing goals.

I'm Nils Smith, your social media guide. And today I'm going a step beyond social media to talk about texting because I believe that we can't just leave people on social media. We have to have a holistic digital marketing strategy that includes social media to Maximize Our Network, but then also has some direct engagement tools and resources like email, our website and texting to accomplish our goals, because, well, we need to understand The Power of Email and Social Media Integration. Now, I heard a stat not too long ago, probably early 2020, that 97% of all text messages are read within five minutes.

Now, if you know, e-mail open rates, it just blows that away and it makes sense. I read every single text message. I have thousands of unread emails. I have zero unread text messages. We read all of our text messages for the most part. And at the end of the day, if people will allow us to text them, we should be utilizing that opportunity. In 2020, lots of SMS platforms kind of popped up and began seeing different platforms like Community and EZ Texting come along.

And I leaned into a platform called SuperPhone. SuperPhone is a company that I've actually watched for a few years based here in New York City, and I regret that I waited so long to jump in. So I jumped in and I set up an account and now I have a texting community that I'm able to engage with. And that community reads 100% of my messages. It's incredible.

Now, it's not the same as social media. And I don't communicate as much there on social media because it would get obnoxious. Or on email. It's a different kind of platform, but it's something we need to integrate into our digital strategy. You've probably seen Community as one of the more popular SMS platforms out there. And I tested it. Honestly, which is really expensive and the functionality wasn't fully developed at the time that I was testing it. As to accomplishing my goals, I had already been using SuperPhone for a little bit and so testing Community to pay more for what I perceived to be less.

Now, I have looked at some other friends using Community. Now it's come a long way. So Community is a great tool. But in comparison, apples to apples, I definitely prefer SuperPhone over Community. And then the other one I've tested is EZ Texting. EZ Texting was a great tool. Just take a big list of free events and things like that. But for an ongoing basis, I felt like it was too much of a platform similar to MailChimp for texting rather than accomplishing the goals that I wanted to accomplish.

And here's the three things that really separated SuperPhone for me. And as you choose your SMS platform that I think you need to pay attention to.


SuperPhone Is Affordable

The first thing that I loved about SuperPhone is that it's affordable. Now, text messaging can get expensive and people often tell me, like, what if I get a thousand subscribers? What if I get 10000 subscribers. That's going to add up. And yes, it's going to add up and it's going to cost money to be able to communicate directly with people.

And as you think about where you're going to grow this platform, it is thoughtful. It is important to think about: “Am I going to be on a platform that I can afford to grow on and to be on? So, paying attention to the price is important, especially the entry price. As I was testing it out, having a platform like SuperPhone where I could have a less than $20 package monthly was easy to get into.

It wasn't a big leap for me to jump into where Community was over $100 to jump into. And so that price difference was a big deal. EZ Texting kind of had similar price structures. But SuperPhone, really, that sub $20 price point to get started was fantastic. 


Easy-To-Use  Texting Platform 

The second thing that made SuperPhone so good to me is just how easy it is to use. And so the mobile app works great. The web experience works great. I was able to sign up for an account, set up the number, get going on the account. They had great kinds of onboarding tutorials. So within about five minutes, I was ready to use SuperPhone as an SMS platform. When I was testing out Community, it took me a couple of hours, I think, to really get to know the platform and the functionality and the intentionality of that platform. And so the simplicity of this platform, with an easy-to-use standpoint, really stood out for SuperPhone when it came to my use.


It Is Built To Be Personal

And then the last thing that jumped out to me and it really was important to me is that SuperPhone was built to be personal. And so as you look at some of the other SMS platforms, it's meant to be like mass messaging or community-based for the whole whereas SuperPhone, it feels like and you can actually just do one-to-one messaging really easily. And people add you into their address book and it just feels more personal, the way they built their platform to engage with your SMS subscribers.

So that functionality of it being affordable, it being simple, and it being personal in nature, gave me everything I needed to use and to get started when it came to SMS. Now, that said, I think you need to just get into SMS. If you're not using it, EZ Texting is a great platform. Community is a great platform. Community has actually come a long way and there's a lot more functionality in Community than you'll find in SuperPhone.

If you're wanting more robust functionality within your SMS platform, Community might be the best tool for you. But when it comes to social media, don't leave them on Facebook. Don't leave them on Instagram. Move them to your email list. Move them to your SMS list.

And you want to be cross-channel in your digital marketing communication as one of your Social Media Best Practices. You don't want to be dependent on one platform. You want to be diversified in how you're engaging people and you must know How to Run a Successful Text Message Marketing Campaign. So I hope you get on SMS. If you have another SMS provider that you're using and that you like, leave that in the comments. I want to know. I'd love to test different platforms as I’m continuing to lock into SMS. I want to see what else is out there.

And if we are not yet connected, text me (646) 768-9491. So it's going to show up on the screen right here (646) 768-9491. It's going to be in the notes below. I'd love for you to text me. Test up SuperPhone. Test up that experience. Let's become texting buddies and learn how to use SMS better together. Thanks so much for watching this episode of the blog. Make sure you get the thumbs up button. Hit the subscribe button, ring the bell and we'll see you again in the next episode.


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