Top 5 Crypto Channels on YouTube

There are thousands of crypto videos on YouTube alone and the numbers keep going up as creators tend to add higher quality content on their channels. 

But when it comes to cryptocurrency, I’ve narrowed it down for you!

One of the most common questions I get around cryptocurrency is, “Where am I learning about cryptocurrency? How do I find all this stuff out?” And the answer is YouTube. It is where I learned the most about cryptocurrency. 

I want to share with you the five top channels that I watch on YouTube to learn about crypto and that I think would be an asset to you if you're interested in learning about cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, and NFTS.

You're going to be hearing more and more about NFTS in the near future if you haven't yet heard but these are my top five recommendations when it comes to learning about crypto here on YouTube.



My number one place for learning about everything digitally related is GaryVee. If you're not yet following GaryVee, I don't even know how you're doing that without being on the internet or being on the internet and not finding out about GaryVee.

Gary is not a big crypto conversationalist but he has been hinting it in his content more and more over the last year or two and it's really what piqued my interest.

More and more significantly, as people were beginning to ask him questions and he was asking them questions, you could hear this topic of blockchain technology coming up more and more. And then he just launched his NFT getting ahead of the technology, believing this is actually the biggest shift in his career when it comes to technology.

So if you want to learn foundationally about cryptocurrency, blockchain technologies, and NFTS GaryVee is a great place to start.



The number two place that I go to learn about cryptocurrencies is BitBoy.

BitBoy Crypto talks all about bitcoin in particular in cryptocurrencies. Everyday it seems like he's posting something new. So when it comes to staying on the cutting edge of what's going on in the world of cryptocurrencies, he's got great energy and a lot of passion. And in many ways he got in early he's learning and he's really helping a lot of us catch up to this realm of cryptocurrency.

So BitBoy is also another great channel to follow and to learn and catch up and stay ahead of the trends when it comes to cryptocurrency.


Meet Kevin

The third place that I go and learn a lot about finance on this channel is Meet Kevin. Kevin posts multiple times a day a lot of livestreams and he is somebody who is in traditional finance that has gotten into cryptocurrency more and more. Watching his journey and learning alongside it, and really his development of an interest in cryptocurrency has been fun to watch. That journey especially from a finance perspective and what that means as this financial sector is changing so much because of blockchain technology; because of cryptocurrency. Meet Kevin is a great YouTube channel.


J-R-N-Y Crypto

The fourth channel that I want to recommend is Journey Crypto. That's J-R-N-Y Crypto.

It's Tony. If you've seen his channel, he posts I believe every day. I started following his channel when he had about 25,000 subscribers. Now he's over half a million subscribers.

So it's been fun to watch him consistently post and continue to stay on the front edge of cryptocurrency, crypto trends. So every day, if I want to know what's going on in the world of cryptocurrency, I know that Tony's gonna be putting out a 10-15minute look and he shares all of his cryptocurrencies.

He shares transparently. He does challenges and is really insightful, really down to earth when it comes to understanding crypto, and how he's investing, and what it looks like from his unique perspective and where he thinks it's going.

It's a great way when it comes to crypto news, to stay up-to-date. So follow JRNY Crypto.


Andre Jikh

The last channel I want to recommend is Andre Jikh. If you haven't followed Andre, he does another finance channel. He and Meet Kevin do a lot of stuff together. But he's kind of in this finance group of YouTube channels.

He's been kind of the leading voice when it comes to cryptocurrency. He's been invested for a long time. He's got a history with Pokémon and a lot of kinds of trading collectors. The kind of stuff where he understands especially the NFT world and where that's developing. But he is a firm believer. It has been for a long time in cryptocurrency and so he is significantly invested in crypto and in different kinds of crypto.

And so his perspective is one that I probably value the most. While it's at the bottom of this list, that's not because it's not a priority. I would say you actually get the best education when it comes to Andre’s channel.

So I highly recommend going and checking out his channel.


You'll learn a lot from all five channels. There are so many things to look at on YouTube. There's a lot I think that you've got to filter through and take with a grain of salt because the world of crypto is the wild wild west still.

We're still in the first inning of what's happening in this realm of cryptocurrency. It's exciting. It's time to jump in if you haven't yet jumped in and even if you don't have a lot of money to invest, you need to be paying attention. And YouTube is a great place to get all the news, all the information, all the education that you need to learn about cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, and NFTS and all that's developing around this new realm.

If you have any other channels that you want to recommend, drop those in the comments below. I’d love to check those out. I’m sure others reading would love to check that out as well. You can also check my book about crypto: CRYPTO FOR GOOD: DEMYSTIFYING CRYPTOCURRENCIES FOR NONPROFITS.

Feel free to drop your favorite channels and additional recommendations! I’d love to check them out. 


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