Will Twitter Spaces Crush Clubhouse?

A year ago, everyone went into a frenzy for this invite-only, iOs-ready, audio-based app called Clubhouse. It was like The Next Big Thing on Social Media. And just when it gained its momentum, other social media giants like Twitter introduced the same medium into their platform.

So what does this mean for Clubhouse? Will it be only a matter of time until Twitter Spaces takes off, and then we all forget about Clubhouse? Or has that already happened?


Will Twitter spaces crush Clubhouse? I think so. Let me explain. Clubhouse is the new app around for the last year or so. A lot of people are buzzing around, a lot of people are talking about it, and a lot of people are asking for invites. It's now been around for a little bit.

People are figuring out this new audio social game and how this works. And now Twitter came along and introduced Twitter Spaces. Facebook is in the process of creating Facebook Live rooms. I expect LinkedIn to have similar functionality and features integrated into their systems if they don't just outright buy Clubhouse. 

So I do think that Twitter Spaces is going to crush Clubhouse. I think this is a reality with a lot of mediums. Look at Periscope and Meerkat. Meerkat was great. The functionality was great. It worked fine. But the reality is that Twitter acquired Periscope and Periscope had the most user base and it won. It had the most engagement until Facebook Live came along. And Facebook, which had billions of users, was able to come in and introduce the medium of live video to a mass audience. So you're going to see the same thing happen. I believe, with Clubhouse, they introduced this format of live audio in a social context, but they don't have the built-in user base. They also don't have the built-in technology, developers, and everything needed to build at scale a platform like this.

I do think they're introducing the new medium, but I don't think they're going to crush it. That's why I think Twitter is going to win this until Facebook potentially even outgrows Twitter when it comes to this live audio functionality. Although Twitter, based on the users and it being a very news-focused app has a leg up, at least in the start when it comes to this feature and this functionality built into the social media platforms. 

Here are three reasons why I think Twitter is going to crush Clubhouse when it comes to live social audio:

Built-in audience

As I talked about, Twitter has millions of users. Clubhouse is having to introduce its brand to a new audience. So it's not just a new medium, but it's a new audience and a new medium, and so much more challenging than just introducing a new feature to your audience with a built-in platform. 

The platform 

Because Twitter already has an Android app. Twitter already has a Web portal. Twitter already has an iOS app. So Twitter already has all the platforms out there. People already have the Twitter app on their devices. And so because they've got the built in user base and they've got the built in technology, they have the foundation to grow the platform. So I believe Twitter continues to win and it has a future. . If you also wanna know about how to crush it on Twitter, check out Crushing Twitter in 2021.

Their Development Team 

Because they have the community, because they have the platforms where people are already engaged, and because they have the Development Team to scale the technology to their user base. I think it's just really not fair to Clubhouse. 

Clubhouse has really done a great job of scaling to date. I think over the next year or two years, you're going to really see either Clubhouse acquired or Clubhouse shutdown similar to Meerkat when it comes to live video. 


I would love to know what you think. Are you a fan of Clubhouse or you’re not a fan? Do you think it's going to stick around or do you think it's going to go to the other platforms or maybe even live audio? Is it going to be a thing? What do you think I want to know? Let me know in the comments.

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