Three Ways Churches Can Use ChatGPT Today

ai church technology Apr 11, 2024

Imagine starting with custom copywriting support tailored specifically for your church's needs.

Join me as I discuss practical strategies to elevate your church's marketing and communications using this incredible tool. ChatGPT can assist with crafting engaging messages and content that resonate with your congregation and community. By leveraging this cutting edge AI technology, you can streamline the creative process and deliver impactful messages that inspire and help people take their next step with your church.

Don't miss out on learning how your church can benefit from ChatGPT today!

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Multitood - The Best Language Translation Tool For Ministries

ai faith technology Apr 04, 2024

In today’s episode, we're diving into the world of AI language translation tools and focusing on how tools like Multitood revolutionize ministry outreach to diverse audiences worldwide. 

Let’s explore how Multitood is not just a tool for translation but a gateway to expanding your ministry reach globally. Discover how this app can seamlessly integrate AI and human translation, ensuring both quality and authenticity in your content. 

And the best part? We'll explore how you can get started with Multitood's free trial, so you can begin translating your videos and reach new audiences with ease. 

Tune in and learn more about this powerful tool that's transforming ministries' abilities to communicate across languages and cultures.

Learn more about Multitood at (not an affiliate link, but tell them I sent you )

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How to Easily Create Faceless Videos with AI

What if I told you there’s an AI tool that can create faceless videos? Faceless videos rather than talking head content is one of the fastest growing trends on YouTube. This basically means voice over videos with b-roll/animated content mixed with text overlays.

Let’s explore InVideo, an AI tool that can create entire videos without the need for on-camera appearances. Watch as I demonstrate the process of producing a "How to Mow Your Lawn" video using InVideo, from scripting to selecting footage and up to the final export. 

Learn how tools like InVideo are reshaping video production by automating processes and enabling the development of faceless channels entirely through artificial intelligence. Tune in now and don't miss out on this insightful exploration of the future of video creation!

Test out InVideo for yourself: 

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Expediting Your LinkedIn Growth with PowerIn

social network technology Mar 14, 2024

In this video I unveil the potential of LinkedIn automation with PowerIn, an AI-driven tool that posts comments on your behalf. 

In this video, I'll demonstrate how PowerIn learns your commenting style, targets accounts with similar followers and “authentically” engages with new connections. In a detailed walkthrough, I'll explain setting up the tool with targets, searches, and comment history, sharing my firsthand experience of acquiring significant follower growth in just the first couple of weeks using the tool. 

Tune in for my honest review of PowerIn’s pros and cons discovering how strategic automation can boost your online influence and impact, but also comes with navigating a tension with authentic engagement.

Test out PowerIn for yourself:

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Creating Your Own Custom GPT in ChatGPT

ai technology Mar 04, 2024

Imagine having an AI that knows you inside out, one that speaks your voice, and understands your style. In this video, I will walk you through the step-by-step process of building a customized "GPT" so you can harness its power for your business or brand.

Learn how to extract transcripts from videos to teach your AI about your unique tone. Discover the secrets of configuring your GPT with your name, description, and custom questions, making it truly yours.

Tune in and let's dive into the world of personalized AI assistants together!

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Why This Year is the Best Time to Start an Interview-Style Podcast

Join me as we explore why 2024 presents an opportune moment to kickstart your very own interview-style podcast. 

In this video we’ll highlight the massive appeal of podcasts as a dynamic platform for engaging with diverse audiences, especially through channels like YouTube. We will also explore the evolution of podcast production, highlighting the transformative role of technologies, like Riverside, in streamlining the process of capturing top-tier audio and video content. 

Tune in as we underscore how podcasts serve as a catalyst for forging meaningful connections with fascinating individuals, opening doors to enriching conversations and unique insights. 

Amplify Social Media: - if you’re looking for help with your podcast production and distributio

Riverside: - my favorite podcast software

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What Church Leaders Can Learn from Las Vegas' Sphere

In this video we explore valuable lessons for church leaders gleaned from a recent concert experience I had at the Sphere in Las Vegas.

Emphasizing the importance of intentionality, this conversation is all about the intricacies of enhancing the entire church experience, spanning from pre-service communication to seat arrangements. Highlighting the transformative impact of increased engagement both before and during services, this episode also offers insights on leveraging screens and encouraging phone use to foster a vibrant social media presence.

Tune in for actionable advice for church leaders aiming to create meaningful and impactful experiences for both in-person and online attendees

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What Pastors Can Learn From Ryan Pineda

Are you a pastor seeking to enhance your leadership skills and make a lasting impact on your congregation? 

In this video  we explore valuable insights inspired by the success and principles of Ryan Pineda. Learn how an entrepreneurial mindset and effective communication can elevate pastoral leadership, fostering creativity and deeper connections within congregations. 

Whether you're a seasoned pastor or just getting started in your ministry, discover practical wisdom to navigate challenges and inspire positive change within your calling. 

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6 Business Trends Churches Should Consider

From enhancing the worship experience through digital innovations or leveraging social media for community engagement, let’s uncover key strategies from business trends that can empower your church in the modern era. 

Discover how emerging technologies, data integration, and a commitment to innovation can contribute to the growth and vibrancy of your church.

Join me as we navigate the intersection of tradition and innovation, unlocking insights that can propel your church into a future of growth, connection, and greater impact.

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I Spent Over $100K Building My Podcast… Was it Worth it?!?!

10 years ago I began my podcast journey taking over the Social Media Church podcast. Over the past 10 years I’ve learned a lot of lessons and invested significant financial and time resources into this podcast.

Was it worth it?

In this video I break down the investment and whether the ROI was there and whether you should consider making the same investment or saving your time and money.

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