Crushing Facebook in 2021

With all the new social media platforms emerging, we can’t help but ask: Is Facebook even a thing in 2021 or Is Facebook Going to Die Like Myspace Did?

Truth is, Facebook is very much a thing in 2021. It might not be the cool new thing, but it still has billions of active users around the globe and it's not just It's a family of apps including its Messenger, its groups, its pages, and its profiles. Facebook even owns Instagram as well, and Messenger on and Instagram have now merged together. Facebook has grown so much through the years and it has no sign of slowing down. It is able to keep up with trends and technology and The Future of Facebook is definitely something to look forward to.

There's so much that's integrating with Facebook and in this episode, I'm going to share with you how you can crush it on Facebook in 2021.


So Facebook is probably not the platform that you're like, ‘I'm going to crush it on Facebook in 2021’ but there are some things you can do that whatever your goals are, I believe Facebook can probably be your best platform in 2021 and in some ways that you might not be thinking.

And so let's get into what I believe to be the keys to success on Facebook in 2021.


Spend Money

Now, that's probably not what you expected to hear, but it’s how you post content that's going to get people's attention.


Focus on Ads

The reality is, at this point on Facebook, if you're going to effectively invest your time, you need to invest your money as well and Facebook is the most powerful for the last decade, to be honest. In the last five years, maybe it's Google before that, but the most effective advertising platform that I've been aware of for any organization that I've even slightly worked with, Facebook advertising has been the key to so much of their success.


Take advantage of Facebook’s data

Because Facebook has so much data on us historically, and today with all of their various properties, they're able to advertise to us and get so much data from us that they're able to really target in such a unique way who we want to reach as leaders. Know and understand why You Should Buy Facebook Page Likes to establish social proof with your brand on this network giant.


Choose your Ads

And so if you want to most effectively use Facebook, you need to probably spend money and maybe that's all you do. Maybe you just use Facebook ads. But Facebook ads from story ads to post ads to video ads, there are so many ad opportunities in very specific and targeted ways. And you can measure the effectiveness of your ads so definitively.


Adjust on your budget

Even just boosted posts getting your awareness of your brand in front of people. It's so much value and you can spend a dollar if that's all you want to spend on ads, or you can spend $100,000 on ads every single day.

But I believe that if you want to crush it on Facebook in 2021, the most important thing you could do is focus on ads and spend money.



The second thing you need to do when it comes to crushing it on Facebook in 2021 is to listen.


Listen then respond

It makes sense, doesn't it? I mean, I think we often want to get on social media so we can talk. But in any relationship, relationships don't work if you're just talking. Relationships work best when you listen first and then respond. And so when it comes to engaging on Facebook, you need to be listening, listening to what people say. Listen and pay attention to what's trending and what's happening, what people are talking about. People that are following you, what they're saying, how they're responding to your content.


Listening helps you create better content

You need to focus your time and energy on listening and as you do that, you're going to learn so much, which is going to help you create better content, which will then help you create better ads and honestly, better use the platform. And so this is social media and social media is about relationships. And if we want to have a healthy relationship with those people that are following us or that we're connecting with on Facebook, we need to listen to them.


Diversify Your Energy Across All The Platforms

Understanding that you have a Facebook profile and you might have a Facebook page and you might be engaged and you probably are engaged in a Facebook group and you probably have Messenger. And so those are really kind of the four key platforms on Facebook. If we're just going to lean it into Facebook and not WhatsApp and Instagram and Oculus and some of their other properties out there.


Personal connection

And so how are you using your profile to connect with people personally? How are you using your page to connect with people from a front porch? From an awareness standpoint or brand awareness standpoint? How are you using groups to really build new relationships and connect with people in the community? How are you using Messenger to connect with people one on one and interact with them?

If I were to say there's one platform to focus on, I think it's Messenger in 2021 because I think it's where you're really building the most meaningful relationships when you interact with people one-to-one and invest that energy into those one-to-one relationships.


One-to-one interaction

Now, the Internet isn't that different from face-to-face. Our best relationships are those that are formed one-to-one. You think about dates. You go on a date to get that one-to-one interaction. And so group interaction is good. One-to-one interaction is best.

And so the more you can prioritize those relationships and diversify your energy across all platforms. And what I see too many people doing and leaders doing is focusing on their page, which might have 100,000 or a million followers.

But it gets really little interaction that pops the question ‘What new content can I do?’ You know what, put good energy into your page to create good content, to engage that mass audience, but also put personal connections in your profile and community interaction in groups and one-to-one interactions in Messenger. Prioritize those interactions as well. So diversify across all the platforms.


All right, this next tip is kind of piggybacking on the last one. We're going to get a little more tactical here.


Prioritize Messenger

Really get to know Messenger.


Messenger bots as a Facebook strategy

I'm a big fan of Messenger Bots. I use Chatfuel, I don't get any kickback, maybe I'll find a way if they've got some kind of affiliate. But I'm a huge fan of Chatfuel.

I think Messenger bots are going to become more and more a significant part of everyone's Facebook strategy from a brand or a page engagement standpoint. The Most Important Messenger Bot Feature is definitely the most powerful element of Messenger bots that we should be paying more attention to.

And so if you haven't tinkered with Messenger bots yet, ManyChat or ChatFuel are both great tools. And so you want to look at how you can better use Messenger but don't put this on automate. Put this on, utilize the functionality of Messenger but then also personally connect with people as much as you can and so see what kind of deep relationships you can form by just being responsive in Messenger.


Consistent interaction

And so think about your email box. If you don't respond to people in your email, people stop interacting with you and they probably stop buying your product or service or whatever your engagement is.

You don't just start sending emails and not respond to those that you receive. It's two-way communication. And Messenger is an important part of that one-to-one interaction and communication that you want to have with those people in the most meaningful way that are connecting with you on social media.


The last tip that I want to share in crushing it on Facebook in 2021 and this is a personal connection.


Engage In Three To Five Facebook Groups

Build relationships and connect with people through Facebook groups. So find three to five Facebook groups that you can engage in and maybe one is one that you manage and start, but probably you're just finding groups that exist and you're not going in there and spamming everyone and telling people to go buy your product or your service. You're going in there building relationships.

Maybe you're going in there to learn and connect with other people. So find three to five groups around your professional interest and engage with them in that group in a very intentional way, building intentional on building relationships, intentional on adding value, intentional on connecting personally with these people, not on selling.

And so as you think about how you're going to crush on 2021, if you're creating good content, if you're connecting with people personally or profile, if you got good content on your page, if you are engaging one-to-one in Messenger and you're building new relationships in Facebook groups, I think you're gonna have a great year in 2021.

I think you're going to maximize your time effectively on this platform. I would love to connect with you on Facebook. If we're not already connected, I've got my link in the notes description below. I'd love for you to share your Facebook page/profile in the comments below and let's connect with each other.


I would love to know your thoughts. What other advice? What other tips do you have for people when it comes to connecting on Facebook and maximizing this platform so we can collectively crush it in 2021?


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