How Well Did the Wyze Watch Replace My Apple Watch?

As I slowly move away from the Apple ecosystem, I continue looking for more alternatives to the Apple products I’m using. In this episode of the vlog, I’m sharing about the $25 Wyze Watch I recently bought in replacement of my Apple iWatch, plus Wyze’s functions and features. 

Are there any Wyze products you’ve used? Tell me about them!

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The Race to Win Video Conferencing

Video conferencing has been part of our world for more than a decade. As the pandemic continues to disrupt our daily lives, people are heavily relying on video conferencing platforms to keep their communication lines open for business, studies, work, leisure, and a lot more. Let’s talk about the functionality of video call apps, and the platform that is continually winning the hearts of everyone.


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7 Reasons I Love Kajabi

Since I started using Kajabi many years ago, I’ve seen how its features improved tremendously and steadily! It’s an all-in-one platform for your websites, courses, payments, analytics, email campaigns, and more. I hope that you’ll jump into this business platform and join the growing family of digital marketers, online influencers, business enthusiasts, and amateurs who decided to grow their online reach using Kajabi. Click here to join:

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How I Replaced 6 Online Tools with Kajabi

In my years of experience sharing content, creating online courses, accepting online payments, writing email newsletters, and managing analytics, I’ve finally found the all-in-one platform for businesses and organizations! Let’s talk about the key features of Kajabi and why it’s the best decision to invest and explore this platform. 

Start your Kajabi free trial here:

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Switching from an iPhone to a Pixel

digital technology Jul 03, 2020

Are you an avid Apple user? If you’re looking to switch from iOS to Android, now is a great time to make the leap and enjoy some of the coolest Google products during quarantine and beyond. 

In this vlog, I talk about the key features and functions of my latest phone, Google Pixel 3A XL and a few iPhone features that I’m also leaving behind as I make the switch. Get to know all the reasons why the Pixel phone is definitely worth it!

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Staying Fit at Home with the Online Fitness Retreat

digital life resources Jun 24, 2020

Do you want to stay fit and active but find it tough to exercise in this crazy season? Now more than ever, your health and fitness should be a priority! My co-host at the Social Media Church, Aaron Magnuson and his wife, Megan have put together the biggest online fitness event yet!

Whether you’re a beginner or a someone who exercises regularly, get all the energy and inspiration from an incredible list of fitness trainers at the ONLINE FITNESS RETREAT beginning on July 18th. You can have unlimited access to on-demand workout routines, mindset motivation, healthy and balanced meal plans, and a lot more. 

We’re excited for you to meet thousands of fitness enthusiasts for you to connect with and help keep you accountable so you can become the best possible YOU. Let’s get fit and healthy together wherever we are!

CLICK HERE to register. 

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Demystifying Crypto Series: How Do You Even Use Cryptocurrencies?

Cryptocurrency continues to be a more significant part of our economy. As people use digital currencies more frequently for cashless transactions, how can newbies and nonprofits get started with cryptocurrency? 

In this vlog, I talk about different apps and platforms that you can use to exchange bitcoin, receive cryptocurrencies, or distribute digital money. I’m excited to know what you think about these apps! 

Watch this episode and let me know your thoughts about it.

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Building a Social Media Analytics Dashboard

If you’ve been creating content for your social media accounts for months or even years, the practice of checking any growth or success on your hard work is important. For more than a decade I have tried different ways to look into my own platforms as well as my clients’ platforms, and get answers to questions like: Are we doing the right things? Are we reaching the right audience? Are we achieving our goals for this month?

In this episode of the vlog, I share with you the importance of social media analytics, what areas you should focus on when building a dashboard, what tools you can use, and so much more. Check out the vlog now. 

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3 Reasons Why I Believe in the Future of Twitter

digital social media Feb 13, 2020

If you want to know about current events, sports, entertainment, church or global happenings, Twitter is the best way to go. Many people think that Twitter already peaked and it’s downhill from here, but I feel quite the opposite. At this point, I believe Twitter will stay relevant in the years to come. Watch this vlog as I share with you why.

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Keys to Asking Great Questions on Social Media

digital social media Feb 06, 2020

There are a lot of strategies out there for creating content but there are just a few basics that you should hold on to in order to reach more people. In this episode of the vlog, I share with you three tips on how to do one of the most fundamental strategies in capturing your audience – asking great questions. Watch the vlog and learn more about this strategy. 


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