Differentiating Across Networks on Social Media

Social media has matured and so have the networks that we’re engaged on! While anyone can freely use a platform, post then leave, it’s an advantage to differentiate one to another and be able to make the most out of each.

In this episode I share how I engage differently to various communities on certain social media platforms.


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What I've Learned from My First 15 Vlog Episodes

In this episode of the vlog I share my learnings from my first 15 vlog episodes! My hope is that it helps you either start clogging yourself or become a better vlogger.


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When a TV App Makes Sense

“The future of TV is apps.” -Tim Cook

TV Apps can be an awesome platform, but they can be quite complicated and function very differently to mobile or web apps. In this episode of the vlog, I’ll be sharing with you things that you need to consider before trying to create a TV App.


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3 Tips to Becoming a Better Social Media Listener

social media technology Dec 20, 2017

I do believe you should use social media to share your thoughts, but you should spend the majority of your time on these platforms listening. Listen to people’s responses to what you’re saying as well as paying attention to the content that they are creating and listening to the messages that they are communicating.

In this vlog I will share 3 practical tips to becoming a better social media listener.


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4 Essentials to Creating Great Content for Facebook

Facebook is the platform that seems to never stops growing.

Part of what has led to the never ending growth, is that the platform never stops changing. The one thing that doesn’t change is the secret to success on Facebook continues to be great content. In this vlog, I’ll be sharing 4 tips on creating great content for your audience on Facebook.


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Our Experience at Museum of the Bible

The Bible has shaped and impacted the world in countless ways throughout the years. It has impacted my life personally beyond words can describe. To even begin to describe the impact of this book seems impossible, but it’s my belief that Museum of the Bible has captured the impact of the Bible in the most tangible way possible.

I was privileged to attend a pre-launch event at the museum in Washington DC with my family and wanted to share my experience with you. I had a little help in this episode with our 5 year old who had the time of her life at the museum.


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5 Tips to Growing Your Facebook Following

You might have heard me say: Facebook has won the social media war.

It continues to surprise me how many organizations and leaders still don’t have a Facebook page for their business or brand. Now is the time to not only get one, but to focus on growing that platform.

Here are my top 5 tips to grow your Facebook following.



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Microvlogging with Instagram Stories

social media Nov 01, 2017

Instagram has blown up since copying the “stories” feature from Snapchat and integrating it into their interface. Prior to this integration, you could only post photos on your wall and that was pretty much it. Now, you can microvlog and share your daily story with  your followers about what is going on throughout your day to then have it  expire in 24 hours. Instagram Stories has rapidly changed the way people see and use Instagram as a social network.

Here are my top 5 tips on how to use Instagram stories.


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Management Tools to Maximize Social Media

Social media management tools help our organizations move further faster. There are lots of social media management tools out there to choose from and each one has their own strengths and weaknesses.

In this vlog, I’ll be sharing my top 5 recommended social media management tools that will help you effectively manage your social media accounts in one place.



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Your iPhone Video Studio on a Budget

resources technology Oct 11, 2017

Don’t have an expensive recording studio? No problem!

In this episode, I’m gonna be teaching you how to make great videos without spending a lot of money. This budget-friendly video studio will only require your smart phone and a few inexpensive accessories from Amazon. 




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