Demystifying Crypto Series: Why Does Warren Buffett Hate Bitcoin So Much?

cryptocurrency Apr 17, 2020

Cryptocurrency’s stability is something a lot of people question. Just like everything new, people’s reaction most of the time depends on how respected and trusted people view it. Warren Buffett is no stranger to risk, he’s been doing it all his life and with that in mind, one may believe he’s open to the latest investment in the digital age: bitcoin. Surprisingly though, he has a lot of feelings towards this trend, and it’s not very nice. In this vlog, I talk about the reasons why Warren Buffett feels that way, and how there could be a possibility that over time, as cryptocurrency proves its worth, it may be worth the risk after all. We’d love to hear your thoughts about Bitcoin too! 

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Demystifying Crypto Series: How Do You Even Use Cryptocurrencies?

Cryptocurrency continues to be a more significant part of our economy. As people use digital currencies more frequently for cashless transactions, how can newbies and nonprofits get started with cryptocurrency? 

In this vlog, I talk about different apps and platforms that you can use to exchange bitcoin, receive cryptocurrencies, or distribute digital money. I’m excited to know what you think about these apps! 

Watch this episode and let me know your thoughts about it.

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Demystifying Crypto Series: What is Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Anyway?

Uncategorized Mar 18, 2020

The rise of new technologies paves way for different means of money and how it is exchanged, used and spent. In my years of learning and investing in cryptocurrency, I still get excited about what’s happening in the blockchain technology, bitcoin, and the crypto community. In this vlog, I talk about the future of money and get into detail about how you can utilize the value of cryptocurrencies. How about you? Have you tried investing in cryptocurrency? Watch this episode and let me know your thoughts about it!

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3 Shortcuts to Social Media Success

social media Mar 13, 2020

Throughout my years in social media, I have learned that building a community online takes effort, time, and consistency. There are many ways to gain success on social media, but there are also ways to expedite the process. Disclaimer: I don’t strongly recommend them, but these are options that may work to help you achieve that social media success you’ve been eyeing. Watch this episode of the vlog and let me know your thoughts about it!

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5 Traits of Successful Leaders on Social Media

leadership social media Mar 04, 2020

There is no single formula that determines success on social media, but one thing I’ve learned in working with a lot of social media leaders over the years is that they share common traits that allow them to thrive in this ever-changing digital landscape. I talk about these traits and get into detail about how you too can challenge yourself to apply them. Click the link below to watch this week’s video. 

Do you have other traits in mind as well? We’d love to know them!

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An Open Letter to Rhett and Link

Uncategorized Feb 28, 2020

Rhett and Link,

Let me first start this letter by being transparent that I have an agenda. I have become a big fan and would like to have you on my podcast: Social Media Church. Let me also be clear that my agenda in having you on the podcast is because I think your perspective would be very valuable for pastors and ministry leaders to hear and not to try and debate faith. 

Your recent podcast episodes have stirred a lot of conversations in our house as my wife and I can deeply relate to your story. We were both very involved in Campus Crusade (CRU) in college and I worked for many years in full-time ministry. About 6 years ago we moved from Texas to New York City which has led to us seeing the world very differently than we did while surrounded by Christians 24/7 in the South. 

While our core beliefs haven’t shifted significantly, our perspective and understanding surely has. I applaud and appreciate both of you being so willing to transparently share your story and...

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Building a Social Media Analytics Dashboard

If you’ve been creating content for your social media accounts for months or even years, the practice of checking any growth or success on your hard work is important. For more than a decade I have tried different ways to look into my own platforms as well as my clients’ platforms, and get answers to questions like: Are we doing the right things? Are we reaching the right audience? Are we achieving our goals for this month?

In this episode of the vlog, I share with you the importance of social media analytics, what areas you should focus on when building a dashboard, what tools you can use, and so much more. Check out the vlog now. 

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3 Reasons Why I Believe in the Future of Twitter

digital social media Feb 13, 2020

If you want to know about current events, sports, entertainment, church or global happenings, Twitter is the best way to go. Many people think that Twitter already peaked and it’s downhill from here, but I feel quite the opposite. At this point, I believe Twitter will stay relevant in the years to come. Watch this vlog as I share with you why.

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Keys to Asking Great Questions on Social Media

digital social media Feb 06, 2020

There are a lot of strategies out there for creating content but there are just a few basics that you should hold on to in order to reach more people. In this episode of the vlog, I share with you three tips on how to do one of the most fundamental strategies in capturing your audience – asking great questions. Watch the vlog and learn more about this strategy. 


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The Future of Social Media: Linkedin

You may be one of the many who created their LinkedIn accounts in the hopes of landing a new job, or maybe you’re someone looking for meaningful professional relationships in the platforms like I do. In the past years, LinkedIn has overhauled its functions and features, thus significantly changing the way people have been using their platform. In this last episode of our mini-series, ‘The Future of Social Media’, Kenny and I focus on LinkedIn, and talk about why leaders should invest more attention on the platform and where it is heading to in the years to come. We’d definitely love to hear your thoughts about the Future of LinkedIn too!  

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